A Red Life 18-22

A Red Life, 2018-22

Materials:Cotton, Post card
Size:10×14.8×0.3 (cm)

Supports : 小畑祐也 Yuya Obata

Group shows : ARTS CHALENGE 2022
Photos :ToLolo Studio

Her work attempts to transform her daily time, which is lost through nothing but scratching, into time and records that are created through scratching. These works were exhibited at “ARTS CHALLENGE 2022,” a pre-event of the Aichi International Arts Festival 2022. Each day, a layer of gauze sewn onto a postcard is scratched with the same intensity as the body is scratched that day. She mails one of these postcards each day to family and friends who are familiar with her symptoms. For her, scratching is the only thing she can do at any time. A life project that continues to this day.

掻くことしかできずに零れ落ちていく日々の時間を、掻くことで生まれる時間と明日へ変えようとするライフ・プロジェクト。あいち2022プレイベントである、ARTS CHALLENGE 2022にて展示した。

(注1)2019年厚生労働省国民生活基礎調査 第10表