A Red Life 18-22

A Red Life, 2018-22

Materials:Gauze, Postcard, Stamp
Size:15mm × 10.5mm × 3mm/1 piece

Supports : Yuya Obata

Group shows : ARTS CHALENGE 2022
Photos :ToLolo studio

身体を掻くことしかできずに零れ落ちていく日々の時間を、掻くことで生まれる時間と明日へ変えようとするライフ・プロジェクト。あいち2022プレイベントである、ARTS CHALLENGE 2022にて展示された。

This is a life project that attempted to change the daily time that spills away from the body, which can only be scratched, into time that is created by scratching the body. The work was exhibited at ARTS CHALLENGE 2022, a pre-event of Aichi 2022. One by one, the artist scratches the thickness of a layer of raw gauze and a layer of red-dyed gauze sewn onto a postcard, as if scratching his/her body on that day. Then, one by one, day by day, he mails them to his family and friends. I can only scratch at any time, in any place, at any time; a series of works that has been ongoing since 2018.