Yuri MiauchiYuri Miauchi

Born in Nagano. Graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts.
She focuses on the itch, paralysis, and loss that we all experience, but that are difficult to share or prove. She creates unique projects to translate them into visual language, attempting to interpret the impossibility of life from multiple perspectives. Her works are mainly made of gauze cloth, post card, sound, and resin, and she presents installations that combine these materials in a multilayered manner.

Solo Exhibitions

“Scar Script”, Gallery N, Nagoya/ 2023
“Yuri Miauchi – Showcase Gallery 2020”, Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Yokohama/ 2020
“It’s My Red Life”, Courtney Pope 199, London/ 2017
“Seigoro-san, WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?”, Kenpo-ji Temple, Niigata/ 2017
“OFTS Paper Diaper Balloon”, Okinawa Plaza House, Okinawa/ 2014
“Shitasaki no Matsuri”, Gallery Rougheryet, Okinawa/ 2013

Selected Group Exhibitions

“The Vision of Contemporary Art 2023”, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo/ 2023
“ARTS CHALLENGE 2022”, Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya/ 2022
“Koganecho Bazaar 2021 – Making Side by Side”, Matsui Building, Yokohama/ 2021
“Koganecho Bazaar 2020 – Artists and Communities”, Mini gallery B, Yokohama/ 2020
“Crack in the middle of nowhere”, Eonju Round, Soul/ 2020
“gift”, gallery fu, Yokohama/ 2020
“ROADSIDE PICNIC”, Site-A Gallery, Yokohama/ 2020
“Koganecho Bazaar 2019 – New Menagerie”, Koganecho Hachibankan, Yokohama/ 2019
“Between”, Site-A Gallery, Yokohama/ 2019
“Water and Land Niigata Art Triennale 2018”, Seigoro Lagoon, Niigata/ 2018
“Water and Land Niigata Art Triennale 2015”, Seigoro Lagoon and Futaba Junior High School, Niigata/ 2015
“WATER TOWER ART FESTIVAL 2013”, Museum of Contemporary Art (SAMCA), Sofia, Bulgaria/ 2013


Wall Painting, Wakabacho WHARF, Yokohama / 2020
FRESH RECEPTIONIST JAPAN TOUR ’18, Niigata, Okinawa, Kyoto and Tokyo / 2018
FRESH RECEPTIONIST JAPAN TOUR ’16, Kyoto, Tokyo, Niigata and Okinawa / 2016
FRESH RECEPTIONIST with Yuri Miauchi, Shoreditch Church, London / 2015

Curatorial project

ARTIST TALK in Koganecho vol.1, 2, 3, YouTube Live / 2020
Web Exhibition ‘ROADSIDE PICNIC’, Koganecho AIR Website / 2020
AIR and Solo Exhibition by Yuhki Toyama, art project room ARTZONE, Kyoto / 2007 – 08


Work Book / 2018
T.S.H(Limited Edition 50)/ 2014
SASURAI (ISBN. 978-4902080162) Yuhki Toyama, artbeat publishers / 2008
Discover Japan 2018 September (ASIN. B07FDTDRP3) / 2018
Water and Land Niigata Art Festival 2015 (ISBN. 978-4938137878) / 2015


Jury Prize / ARTS CHALLENGE 2022


Koganecho Artist in Residence, Yokohama / 2019 – 2022


長野県生まれ。京都芸術大学卒業。沖縄市、ロンドンを経て、現在は横浜市を拠点に活動。 痒み、麻痺、喪失といった、誰もが経験し得るけれども共有や証明することが難しい事象に形を与え、生きることのままならなさを複数の視点から解釈する試みを行う。ガーゼ、葉書、音、樹脂などを多層的に組み合わせた作品を発表している。

2023「Scraped Script – はがされた余韻や明ける癒紋」 gallery N 神田社宅(東京)
2023「Scar Script」 gallery N(愛知)
2020「Showcase Gallery 宮内由梨」 横浜市民ギャラリーあざみ野(神奈川)
2017「It’s My Red Life」Courtney Pope 199(ロンドン)
2017「清五郎さん – WHERE HAVE YOU GONE? -」 顕法寺(新潟)
2023「VOCA 2023」上野の森美術館(東京)
2022「アーツ・チャレンジ 2022」愛知芸術文化センター(愛知)
2021「黄金町バザール2021 -Making of Side by Side-」松井ビル1F(神奈川)
2020「Crack in the middle of nowhere」 Eonju Round(ソウル)
2020「黄金町バザール2020 -Artist in Community- 」 Mini gallery B(神奈川)
2020「ヨコハマトリエンナーレ2020」 PLOT48 ※エレナ・ノックス作品企画内 (神奈川)
2020「gift」gallery fu(神奈川)
2019「黄金町短期AIR 成果展 Between」 ハツネウィングA(神奈川)
2015「水と土の芸術祭2015」清五郎潟, 旧二葉中学校(新潟)
2013「WATER TOWER ART FESTIVAL 2013」 ソフィア現代美術館(ブルガリア)
2020YouTube Live ‘ARTIST TALK in Koganecho – vol.1,2,3’
2020Web Group Exhibition ‘ROADSIDE PICNIC’
2007-08写真家 頭山ゆう紀 レジデンス・個展(art project room ARTZONE, 京都)
2020若葉町ウォーフ壁画プロジェクト (横浜)
2018FRESH RECEPTIONIST JAPAN TOUR ’18 (新潟, 沖縄, 京都, 東京)
2016FRESH RECEPTIONIST JAPAN TOUR ’16 (新潟, 沖縄, 京都, 東京)
2015FRESH RECEPTIONIST with Yuri Miauchi( Shoreditch Church, ロンドン)
2022審査員賞 / ARTS CHALLENGE 2022 / 名古屋
2019 – 現在黄金町AIR長期プログラム / 横浜
2023『Scar Script – Sound Score』
2018『Work Book』
2014『T.S.H – Teasing Squid with HANABI – 』 Limited Edition 50
2008『さすらい』頭山ゆう紀(著) , アートビートパブリッシャーズ (ISBN. 978-4902080162)
2022『ARTS CHALLENGE 2022 カタログ』国際芸術祭「あいち」組織委員会(発行)
2019『芸術祭と地域づくり―“ 祭り” の受容から自発・協働による固有資源化へ』吉田隆之(著) , 水曜社(ISBN. 978-4880654720)
2018『Discover Japan 2018年 9月号』, エイ出版社 (ASIN. B07FDTDRP3)
2015『水と土の芸術祭 2015』(ISBN. 978-4938137878)