Dizygotic Testament

二卵の証明, 2020

Dizygotic Testament, 2020

Materials:Resin, Wax
Size:100mm × 65mm × 65mm
Production cooperation:Koganecho Area Management center

Group shows : Koganecho Bazaar 2020
Photos 01-03:Masayuki Kasagi
Photos 04-06:Miku Kato

One of the two pieces made from the same mold will be placed in her grandmother’s coffin, and the other will be exhibited annually at the site of her activities. The deterioration of the work slows down where it does not see the light of day, and accelerates where it is exhibited. In this uncertain world where time changes, people change, and memories change, what can we preserve?
In order to express this scene, she used two materials with contradictory properties: transparent resin that hardens while emitting heat and wax that hardens when it cools down.

ひとつは祖母の納骨棺に、ひとつは活動場所に。 日の目を見ない場所で素材の劣化は減速し、展示場所でその劣化は加速する。