Scratching Flippers Ⅰ

Scratching Flippers, 2021

Materials:Mixed media
Size:5000mm × 5000mm × 3000mm

Machine design:栢菅 宏規 Hiroki Kayasuga

Sounds&Lights:田中 啓介 Keisuke Tanaka
Supports:内海 潤也 Junya Utsumi
Production cooperation:Koganecho Area Management center

Group shows:Koganecho Bazaar, 2021
Video by Naoki Yoshimoto
Photo by Kohei Yamamoto


This work is a sculptural installation using robotic technology. The gesture of “scratching” an itch is not taught by anyone, but can be done equally by young children and the elderly. Inspired by the swimming motion of penguins’ wings, the work expresses the implications and gradations of such gestures as scratching, rubbing, stroking, swimming, and flapping wings by means of a robotic arm that performs three-dimensional movements with added twists and turns.