Scar Script – kidney

Scar Script – kidney, 2023

Materials : Soil, Plants…
Size: H46.8, W43.6, D4 (cm)

Solo shows : Scraped Script はがされた余韻や明ける癒紋
Group shows :
Photo : Miauchi, ToLoLo studio


Intense itching, a feeling as if the inside of the body is on fire. I wanted to express this heat through the process of making it. That is why I chose the method of firing ceramics. The clay is soil from the garden of my old home in Nagano Prefecture mixed with soil from Yokohama, where I live now, and then mixed into the clay together with plants, salt and medicine that have been used for skin treatment since I was a child. The clay is placed on an earthenware plate and fired repeatedly, leaving marks and traces of firing on the plate. These colors and shiny particles are a reaction to the “impurities” that are mixed in. The image above shows a piece of pottery fired on top of the ceramic plate.