Scar Script – Score

Scar Script – score, 2023

Materials : Framed photograph
Size: H59.5, W43, D2.8 (cm)

Solo shows : Scraped Script はがされた余韻や明ける癒紋
Group shows :
Photo : Miauchi

青い水彩絵の具で、皮膚湿疹を持つ人の背中に四線譜を描く。絵の具が乾く前に、その人がいつも身体を掻くように手で掻いてもらい、描かれた図形(イベント)楽譜の写真。楽譜は音と語りの再現性と反復可能性、共有と保存を目的に発展した。けれども立ち現れる音はいつも異なる。四線譜は昔の讃美歌、声の時代を示唆する。 額装したものが「総譜」。総譜ができるまでのプロセスを「パート譜」として楽譜本にまとめた。

Using blue watercolor paint, a four-line score was painted on the back of a patient with skin eczema. Before the paint dries, the patient is asked to scratch his body with his hands as usual and his Event Scores are captured in photographic form with the scratching gestures. Scores are invented to reproduce and repeat sounds and narratives, to share and preserve them. However, the reproduced sounds cannot be identical. The quatrain suggests the age of the old hymns and sounds. The mounted version is the “general score”. The process of composing the score is like a “sub-score” organized and edited into a score book.